2017 Merchants

The Artisan/Merchant Vendor Application for 2017 is now available here.


Aperel Fashions– renaissance clothing

Ashley Selberg Designs- renaissance clothing

Black Swan Armoury– wooden sheilds and swords

Braided Image– beautiful hair braiding with accessories

DeRosa’s Boots & Exquisite Leather– leather boots and accessories

Dragon Ice Cream– ice cream

Dusty Tear Creations– weapons, toy weapons, jewelry, accessories

Fairy Magic– fairy jars

Feather in Your Cap– doublets, hats, pouches and accessories

Frugal Genie– environmentally friend products and crafts

Gwyne’s Jewels– jewelry

Hamish’s Dreck– weapons, armor & clothing

Hempenwald– handmade hula hoops, wire jewelry, bamboo crafts, bags, clothing, peandants, figurines, etc.

Henderson’s Hearth   Celtic inspired soup & baking mixes, jams and gifts

Howard Vance Guitar Academy music instruments and instruction

Imagine Time– backed by HowardArt special fx studios- Fantasy costumes & accessories, special fx makeup

Kastle Kandies– fudge

Leather Fan Shop– leather fans and accessories

Lingotopia– wood goblets, wands, corsets, kilts, etc.

Pain’t It Cool– facepainting & henna and glitter body art

Papa Jimmy’s Kettle Corn

Poppycock & Katherine Cook Designs– floral crowns

Rice Originals Your name on a grain of rice!!

Sumaq Sairi– eco-friendly seed jewelry

Tandy Leather– leather and leather crafting kits

Tomas the Lapidary– handcrafted crowns, jewelry, tiaras, cloak pins, etc.

White Pavilion clothing/costumes and accessories

Wild Bill’s Olde Fashioned Soda– soda