GATE PRICES for 2018:

Adults: $12       Children ages 6-12: $6       Children ages 5 and under: FREE

Seniors 55+/Students/Military discount: $2.00 off (proper ID required)


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Mid-South Renaissance Faire

Rules and Policies

The goal of the Mid-South Renaissance Faire is to entertain and educate patrons on the rich history and culture of the Renaissance time period, specifically the reign of Queen Elizabeth I (1558-1603).  Our staff, volunteers and performers strive to present a family-friendly environment and a safe and fun event for everyone!


  • The Mid-South Renaissance Faire is located on USA Baseball Stadium Complex property and all park rules and regulations apply to the Mid-South Renaissance Faire event area. Failure to follow the complex’s rules and regulations may result in prosecution. For more information please visit:
  • Admission into the faire is a license to enter the Mid-South Renaissance Faire and is revocable at the sole discretion of the management.
  • All persons are subject to a search of their person and or personal belongings for safety.
  • Firearms are not permitted. Possession of firearms on park property will result in prosecution.
  • Anyone caught using, distributing, promoting or selling any illegal substances will be prosecuted.
  • Gambling is grounds for expulsion.
  • No outside food or drink or coolers are allowed in the faire. Exceptions include special dietary needs, formula or baby food.
  • Information or assistance can be obtained at the Information Booth near the front gate.
  • Anyone behaving improperly with a minor will be expelled
  • Sexual acts, sexual harassment and lewd behavior will not be tolerated. Anyone engaging in this kind of behavior will be expelled.
  • Anyone arguing aggressively with the management or security will be expelled.
  • Mid-South Renaissance Faire, Inc. shall not be held liable for any losses or damage caused by power or equipment failure, theft or acts of nature.
  • Note: Under Tennessee Law, an equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities, pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated, title 44, chapter 20


  • Parking is free at the Mid-South Renaissance Faire!
  • Handicap parking is available. Please speak with the parking staff when you enter the parking area for special parking instructions. Your special parking placard must be visible for handicap parking
  • Parking is at your own risk. The Mid-South Renaissance Faire is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items. Please do not leave valuables locked in your car.
  • Alcohol consumption, disorderly conduct, lewd behavior or loud music is not permitted in the parking area.
  • Tail-gating, lounge chairs, tents, canopies, overnight parking or camping is not allowed in the parking lot or on the faire grounds.
  • Solicitation of any kind, unless expressly permitted by faire management, is not permitted.
  • Faire management reserves the right to remove any person(s) from the parking area or faire grounds and to tow vehicles as necessary.


  • Tickets may be purchased online or onsite with cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express.
  • NO checks are accepted.
  • Tickets are non-transferable and may not be sold by unauthorized persons.
  • There will be 2 ATMs at the faire, one in the pub stage area and one in the food truck area.
  • Games and rides are cash only.


  • In very rare cases the faire may need to close early, open late, or not open at all due to extreme weather conditions. For the safety of faire visitors, staff and volunteers please follow all directions in the event that the faire must close due to dangerous weather or other conditions.
  • The Mid-South Renaissance Faire is a rain-or-shine event, however, for the safety of performers, staff, volunteers and visitors, some shows, games, rides or performances may need to be shortened, delayed, altered, or closed until conditions are again suitable.


  • Climbing is not permitted on tables, railings, stage areas or other faire structures.
  • Please follow all staff, security and game/ride attendant directions for safety.


  • All patrons, including children, bringing or buying swords/daggers (costume or real) at the faire must have the weapon sheathed and peace-tied with zip-ties at all times. Bows must also be peace-tied and arrows must have the tips removed. Poles or staffs with metal tips are not allowed. Gate security will inspect all weapons and peace-tie if needed.
  • Anyone brandishing a weapon in an unsafe manner will be expelled.


  • Please see the faire map for the location of the First Aid area.
  • Communication radios are carried by various staff members throughout the faire grounds and can be found at the Information Booth near the front gate, in the Queen’s Glade, and Seabeggar’s Bay.


  • Children and adolescents are required to be supervised by parents at all times during the faire.
  • Parents, please consider pinning your name and contact number in your children’s pockets or on their clothing to help staff in the event that your child becomes separated from you during the faire.
  • Most of the faire shows are family-friendly, however, please check the entertainment schedule for performance ratings.


  • Shoes, top and bottoms are required.
  • The Mid-South Renaissance Faire is a family friendly event and appropriate clothing is required by all visitors, staff and volunteers at all times.
  • Swimsuits, loincloths, sheer clothing, bras, overtly revealing clothing, clothing with vulgar writing, symbols, or pictures is not allowed and any person(s) not following these guidelines may be removed from faire grounds.
  • Please dress and plan accordingly for outdoor conditions.


  • Domestic dogs and service animals are allowed on the grounds; they must be under the owner’s control at all time and on a harness or leash.
  • Owners are required to bring necessary items to clean up after their animal.


  • You must be 21 or older with photo ID to purchase, handle or consume alcohol. Please drink responsibly.
  • On Sundays, no alcohol will be sold before noon.
  • Anyone who is obviously drunk or under the influence of drugs and engaging in unruly or inappropriate behavior, sober or otherwise, or unwilling to comply with alcohol policies will be removed from the faire grounds and may be subject to arrest.


  • The faire Lost and Found is located at the Information Booth near the front gate.


  • Cameras are allowed on faire grounds. Photo, video and audio may be taken for personal use only.
  • Tripods are NOT allowed except for pre-approved media, with proper credentials, and media requests must be made in advance.
  • Commercial use of any photographs, digital images, audio, tape, or video recordings of the Mid-South Renaissance Faire, without the express written consent of Mid-South Renaissance Faire management is strictly prohibited.
  • All materials contained on our website are protected by United States Copyright law and cannot be reproduced, sold, distributed, transmitted, manipulated, displayed, published, or broadcast without prior written permission.