December 21, 2018

Hello MSRF fans! Hope everyone is having an amazing holiday time so far! I didn’t really want to put a damper on the season, but felt I should go ahead and get this bit of news out there.

Unfortunately, I have to report that MSRF will be closing it’s doors. Attendance was not quite where it needed to be in the past two years to continue on. For those folks that know me, know that this has been a labor of love for me personally…key word being labor! In 2015, after about 3 years of research and with the help of co-founder Aundrea Lowery, we gave birth to the faire, not too long after I gave actual birth to my son- haha! Along the way, myself and the cast and crew of MSRF have made some great friends, learned some hard lessons, and made some awesome memories that will last a lifetime.

THANK YOU so much to EVERYONE who had ANYTHING to do with the faire- thank you for your patronage, your talent and your time! I’m sure that in the process, we have created some new “rennies” and will see you all out on the faire circuit….in garb, not working, and having fun- haha! Again, thank you to everyone and hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!

PS- Check out http://www.therenlist.com/all-fairs to find a ren faire near you. I know I will be checking it often!

Highest Regards,
Beth Kitchen







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